Camiseta Hulk de homem

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Camiseta Hulk de homem
Produto oficial Hulk. Código produto: 360733

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He's stepping out of a crater that used to be your hometown.Sure, you're familiar with the term Hulk Event. You've seen the footage come in from across the country, footage plainly showing the incredible Hulk decimating several cities with a succession of headbutts and could never happen where you live, right? I mean, the Hulk seems to focus his rage on the Midwest. You're safe, right? I mean....right??Wrong. It happened. The Hulk showed up and pummeled your neighborhood and several neighboring towns. The power's been out for six weeks and they're still pulling bodies from the wreckage. Our Hulk Smoldering Men's T-Shirt reflects the image taken from a brave photographer who managed to capture the Hulk seconds after stepping out from behind a smoldering, infernal dust cloud.Made from 100 percent cotton, this charcoal-gray Hulk t-shirt for men features an astonishing illustration of an unstoppable force of nature taking a breather before recommencing earthquake-enabling smashing.
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