Patinete Hello Kitty 111504

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Patinete Hello Kitty 111504

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This set of Hello Kitty Roller Inline Skates which can be adjust for feet sizes from 34 – 37. Simply expand or contract the front section of the main boot to required size. Hard plastic blue boots provide protection and stability to the foot, and the foot is further secured by way of two adjustable straps with a locking mechanism.

The ankle area of main boot is flexible to allow necessary movements. On the bottom of the main boot you will find a set of four wheels, each of which is secured to the wheel cover with a large screw. On the rear of the wheel cover you will see a plastic block that can be used to control speed if needed.

- Rollers range B from 20 to 60 kg
- Foot length: max 260 mm
- Adjustable size: from 34 to 37 by fastening system
- 608Z bearings

Children Footwear Sizes
European: 34 - 37 Youth Size
UK      : 1½ - 4  Youth Size (Approx. 21 - 23.2 CM)

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